“These new songs exude the kind of emotional velocity that only the great groups can create, filled with years of playing shows and holding their heads high.” – Bentley’s Bandstand, Americana Highways

Imagine Alison Krauss and Union Station with a judicious jolt of rockin’ energy and you’ll have an idea of the delights of Dime Box awaiting you.” — Mark Keresman, ICON Monthly

“Dime Box are country traditionalists who write instantly catchy tunes.” – Dave Segal, O.C. Weekly

” … sort of like a ‘grassier version of the Emmylou Harris/Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstadt Trio of yesteryear…” –www.slipcue.com

“…the wistful “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” summons the country finesse of Gram Parsons…” – Alex Green, Caught in the Carousel