“These new songs exude the kind of emotional velocity that only the great groups can create, filled with years of playing shows and holding their heads high.” – Bentley’s Bandstand, Americana Highways

These first-class players create a layered, rootsy sound that mates sturdy rock with strains of country and folk, performed with unshowy virtuosity.  Sporting introspective and sometimes keenly political songs, Happy is an album whose title perfectly describes its listeners’ reaction. – Chris Morris

Imagine Alison Krauss and Union Station with a judicious jolt of rockin’ energy and you’ll have an idea of the delights of Dime Box awaiting you.” — Mark Keresman, ICON Monthly

“Dime Box are country traditionalists who write instantly catchy tunes.” – Dave Segal, O.C. Weekly

” … sort of like a ‘grassier version of the Emmylou Harris/Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstadt Trio of yesteryear…” –www.slipcue.com

“…the wistful “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” summons the country finesse of Gram Parsons…” – Alex Green, Caught in the Carousel